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Conversions refer to when a user takes a desired action on your website. 

It could be adding a product to cart, clicking on buy/purchase or even subscribing to your mail. 

How To Increase Website Conversion Rate

  • Strong Calls to Action

Match search intent and be very specific with what your user would expect. 

  • Use Proper Content Structure 

People are more likely to view content as credible when it’s easier to understand. 

  • Capture Attention Using Headlines 

A captivating headline can keep clients on your website and lead to more activity and conversions. 

  • Clear Navigation

Make sure your clients can easily navigate your website. 

  • Improve Website Speed 

The Bounce Rate increases with more time spent waiting for pages to load. 

  • Include Visuals

They are more persuasive than text. Make sure you have graphics, screenshots and illustrations. 

  • Add Pop Ups To Your Pages 

Consider proper timing to avoid being too intrusive. 

  • Use Reviews and Testimonial Proof  

Allow users to post comments and work with user-friendly surveys.

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