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Domain Transfer Process

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The process of moving your website is easy when you know the steps to take and the sequence in which to do them. For many people, the concept of moving their website from one host to another can occasionally seem like a daunting endeavor. You can follow the instructions in this article to migrate a site without experiencing any downtime.

Do not terminate your existing hosting account until the very last step, that is one crucial item you must keep in mind. Even if you may not be pleased with your present hosting, you must keep it active until you are certain that your site is fully functional with the new hosting company.

You should be able to switch hosts without any downtime for your website if you adhere to the guidelines listed below.

  1. Identify a new Host Provider and Set Up a New Account

Before moving on to the following stage, you must first select your new hosting provider. Once you’ve made your decision, enroll with the provider and purchase the specified hosting package.

  1. Back up all of your files from your previous hosting account.

Regardless of how big your website is, this process is consistently easy but can take some time. Using FTP, retrieve all the files from your old hosting account and make a backup of any active databases. Although you’ve backed up all your files, keep in mind that you can’t yet terminate this account.

Follow this link How to Back Up My Website for comprehensive instructions on how to back up your website.

  1. Create a new account and upload all of your files.

Transfer your backups from your old hosting account to your new hosting account using the new host’s FTP after you’ve backed up your data on the previous hosting account. This is will work for HTML websites however for migration of WordPress websites check this guideline.

  1. Set Up Mail Accounts

You must immediately set up every email account you had with your previous hosting company in your new hosting account to prevent losing any of your emails when you later change your domain nameservers. All of the email addresses on the new account should be identical to those on the old hosting account.

  1. Verifying Your Links and Files

It’s time to go over each page of your website and make sure every link is functional on your new server. You must first create a temporary URL for the website to accomplish this. Making a subdomain of another URL and reflecting it on your new website is a quick and simple approach to accomplish this. Any reputable web server should enable you to generate a temporary URL so you may test your new website.

  1. Modifying your DNS (Domain Nameservers)

If you are confident that all of your files have been uploaded correctly and that all of the links on your website are functional, you can update your DNS (domain nameservers). You ought to have received the DNS settings from your new host. Ask them what addresses should be utilized for your domain name if they haven’t already. The addresses will often be formatted as and

If you registered the domain name through a registrar, you will need to log in to their control panel and change the DNS servers under domain management.

  1. Wait for DNS changes to take effect.

You will need to wait between 10 minutes and 48 hours after changing your DNS (domain name servers) for your domain to spread around the internet. While you wait for the DNS to propagate to your new server, your site will continue to be served from your old hosting account. All requests to your domain will be served from your new server after the propagation process is finished.

  1. Close Your Previous Hosting Account

Before canceling your previous account, make sure to wait at least 48 hours for the domain name to propagate and verify that it is resolving to your new hosting account.

  1. How long does a domain transfer take?

Most top-level domains, such, net, and org can be transferred in roughly 5-7 days, but some local TLDs, such as the Kenyan,, and .ke, as well as other TLDs in your country, can take anywhere from 2 to 24 hours. There are several factors involved, such as the preceding registrar’s compliance and the domain owner’s responsibility to make sure the domain is unlocked with the necessary EPP code provided.

  1. Will the website go down during the domain transfer process?

Make sure to switch the nameservers from your old hosting provider to the new hosting provider to prevent any downtime during the domain transfer procedure.

Last Remarks

You should now have successfully and without any downtime migrated your website from your old host to your new host by following these guidelines.

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