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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of using keywords and user experience to increase organic traffic to a website.

5 SEO Mistakes To Avoid When Launching A New Website

  • Redirects

Redirects must be put up to send visitors from the old site’s URLs to the new site’s URLs in order to guarantee that search engines continue to understand where to find a site’s content.

  • Error/Status Codes 

When creating a new website, it is crucial to check that the site is properly utilizing these codes and giving search engines precise instructions on how to process the pages on the site.

  • Old Sitemaps

Search engines won’t be able to comprehend the site’s structure if the sitemap isn’t updated to match the new site, which will result in lower ranks. Additionally, any URLs in the sitemap that redirect to different sites or don’t exist will be viewed as mistakes, which will have a negative impact on results.

  • Structured Data

The basic layout of the pages may frequently change during a website redesign, which may make it challenging for search engines to comprehend how to index the site. The structure of the site must be redone in Google Webmaster Tools if the structured data has changed and the developers haven’t included the underlying microdata schema in the site’s code.

  • Monitor Site Issues

A tool like ahrefs should be used to routinely monitor the website. If any problems or mistakes are discovered, they should be fixed right once to prevent the site from receiving any SEO penalties.



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