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Pwani Web Hosting Solutions Tips Before Launching A Website

10 Tips Before Lauching Your Website

  • Have Content Strategy

For readers to continue navigating your website, content must be engaging. Making excellent and interesting content before launching is the greatest way to do that. This information can be used to create landing pages for marketing content. Additionally, they will convey to users whether you are an authority figure in your field and a trustworthy brand.

  • SEO is Crucial

If you want to score highly on search results, SEO should be taken into account for everything from layout to navigation, content, images, and buttons.

  • Use Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics, you can find out how much traffic you are receiving, where it is coming from, how long people are staying on your website and many other helpful details. You can utilize it for free and get a ton of insights that will be useful for future marketing. Additionally, it provides information on how frequently people visit your website, which is useful for monitoring the performance of your mailing list.

  • Check Website Usability

Verify that the website’s functionality in all respects operates as expected. Both conversions and overall SEO depend on usability. The most important thing is to view every component of your website through the eyes of a visitor.

  • Secure Your Website 

You should definitely start out by treating security seriously. Making the Admin area as safe as you can keeps malicious bots and hackers out.

  • Ensure You Have a Contact Page

A contact page not only enables site visitors to get in touch with you but also boosts your website’s legitimacy and trust factor.

  • Ensure Navigation Works

On your website, users should never be in doubt about which button to click next. Additionally, your site search ought to be accurate and seamless. Try navigating your website’s various sections as a visitor would.



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